The incredible properties of coconut oil. Facts that you might not know about it

Coconut oil is a source of precious fatty acids. Still, the issue of the oil’s medicinal properties in diet has been argued over for some time now. One thing is for sure, coconut oil does wonders in hair and body care. Here are its incredible properties that you might not be aware of.

This year-by-year growing popularity of coconut oil proves its effectiveness. It will suffice therefore to apply it regularly so as to notice significant improvement in skin and hair condition.

Let’s start from the beginning, though!

Where does coconut oil come from?

Coconut oil was already known in antiquity. It was one of the most frequently used oils in Ayurveda (traditional Hindu medicine) which purifying properties were ascribed to. In fact, there is a grain of truth in this because natural coconut oil displays germicidal properties and accelerates skin self-healing processes. It’s obtained from coconut flesh, which is the white substance that the shell houses.

Unrefined coconut oil

To take care of your body properly, it’s better to choose the oil which hasn’t undergone refining. The oil that was cold-pressed and is unrefined smells wonderful, is white and has butter-like texture that melts when being in contact with skin. Refined oil though is recognized as worse in terms of beautifying properties because due to the refining process, the oil loses many of its nourishing substances. Luckily, such oil can be easily recognized by changed consistency, lack of aroma and lowered colour saturation.

Substances in coconut oil

What’s hidden in a coconut? Water and coconut oil. Although both substances are used in hair and body care, it’s the oil that offers the rich source of many precious nutrients. Which in particular?

Cold-pressed and unrefined coconut oil equals over 94% of fatty acids. Most of them are saturated fatty acids such as lauric, myristic, palmitic and stearic. The quantity of unsaturated fatty acids is far smaller – trace amounts of oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids. Still, it’s worth paying attention to a huge concentration of vitamins and minerals that coconut oil offers: they are delivered to skin and hair when you decide to treat your body with coconut care.

How does coconut oil work?

Marvelously! Natural coconut oil positively influences the general condition of skin, hair and even nails. What’s important though, it’s important to apply it accordingly to the instructions. It appears that coconut oil gets along with low porosity hair (it may overburden damaged hair) and when applied to skin, it works better when combined with other oils (it might clog skin pores if applied alone).

Below you will find the most valuable properties of coconut oil.

1. Maintaining hydration

Coconut oil is a wonderful emollient which works as an impalpable protecting shield after being applied to skin. It prevents water loss which leaves skin perfectly moisturized, soft and smooth. This is the effect of reinforced natural hydro-lipid barrier.

2. Takes care of skin in a natural way

If you keep coconut oil handy, you don’t have to get a body balm. Just embrace yourself with coconut aroma by rubbing the oil into your body. Not only does it prevent skin dehydration after showering but also improves skin condition and leaves it soft (especially the body parts with the tendency to get thick like elbows, knees and feet).

3. Effectively deals with stretch marks

Owing to regular application of coconut oil, we can forget about these uneasy stretch marks on our bodies. Coconut oil reduces its visibility, prevents appearance of new blemishes and aids in healing other type of scars.

4. Significantly rejuvenates skin

A fairly interesting characteristic of coconut oil is its anti-aging effect. It doesn’t only keep skin long-hydrated but also displays antioxidant properties and is able to gradually diminish fine lines while you sleep. When applied regularly, coconut oil makes skin more elastic, rejuvenated and firm. It can be even applied to delicate eye skin area.

5. Protects delicate hair ends

Coconut oil can be put on hair, too. It works best as hair end butter. All that has to be done is rub a small portion of coconut oil into hair ends so as to prevent splitting and limit the negative influence of UV radiation.

6. Leaves face skin perfectly clean

Only few people are aware of the fact that the best makeup remover is oil that deals even with waterproof cosmetics. Coconut oil doesn’t irritate skin and collects all possible impurities. At the end, it has to be rinsed with warm water.

What else you need to know?

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