Coconut oil. Six uses for health and beauty

Oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts is a universal cosmetic. It will help beautify and condition your hair, complexion, and even lips. In comparison to other cosmetics, it will not harm us if we consume it accidentally. It gives a wide range of possibilities. How to use it to make the best of it?

The recent trend of using coconut oil originates in The United States of America and has quickly expanded to Europe. However, the African and Asian women have been using this incredible, all-natural cosmetic for hundreds of years. Why is coconut oil so precious?

First of all, it has the incredible coconut scent. Unrefined, cold-pressed oil abounds in essential vitamins (B, C, E) and minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium). It is a natural source of lauric and palmitic fatty acids.


The ingredients present in coconut oil have an influence on its properties. As a result, the oil prevents water loss and works as a shield protecting the hair against solar radiation. Also, the substances provide soothing, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This way, coconut oil nourishes and smoothes the strands well and gives many possibilities of use. 

1. Coconut oil for hair – it strengthens the bulbs, prevents hair loss, nourishes intensely, combats dandruff. Even though it helps maintain hair’s proper moisture level, it is not suitable for extremely damaged hair. What’s more, the use of coconut oil in hair care requires combining it with other, lighter oil. If used on its own, it must be warmed up to change its state from solid to liquid in order to make the application quicker and easier. If applied properly, it will not weigh the hair down. 

2. Coconut oil for the lips – it works great for chapped lips, prevents moisture loss and delivers valuable nutrients. When applied with the fingertips (the same was as vaseline or protective lip balm) makes the lips regain softness. 

3. Coconut oil for makeup removal – not only gets rid of makeup and impurities but also provides antibacterial properties. Just soak a cotton pad in a bit of warmed up coconut oil and wipe the skin. Advantage: coconut makeup removal is an additional support for lash growth. 

4. Coconut oil for the body – it is a natural alternative for a body lotion. The use of coconut oil to the skin is the best way to nourish, smooth, delay ageing and minimize irritations and inflammations. When coconut touches the skin, it melts so you can also give yourself a massage while applying it. 

5. Coconut oil for shaving – it is a natural solution for people with sensitive skin that gets easily irritated when using drugstore shaving products. The oil pressed from the coconut ensures proper slipping of the blades, softens the hair, making it easier to shave, and nourishes the skin and soothes any irritation.

6. Coconut oil as a scrub – exfoliating the skin is an incredibly important step in every skin care routine. Therefore, we can use coconut oil to create a homemade skin exfoliating scrub. Simply combine it with brown sugar to get rid of the dead skin cells and nourish the body. 

What else you need to know?