Magnetic Eyelashes. In search of alternatives

Eyelash extensions done regularly can be really dangerous to your natural lashes. Lash oiling does not bring any effects. False eyelashes are difficult to apply if you lack manual skills. Are there any alternatives? Yes – one of the most interesting ones is called Magnetic Eyelashes.

Spectacular eyelashes are most women’s dream, but in fact, they are often short, thin and vague. You can go ahead and use mascara on a daily basis, however, what to do when you have an important event coming soon? The producers of cosmetic accessories try everything to meet women’s expectations and therefore, they came up with an alternative to very expensive, time-consuming and harmful lash extensions (or even to the unsuccessful homemade methods). What is it? Magnetic eyelashes.

Magnetic eyelashes in a cosmetic innovation that might soon revolutionise the market. They do not differ much from striped false eyelashes, however, they do not require glue. To put them in place, the manufacturer used magnetic stripes.

How does it work? For one eye, there is a pair of false lashes: one part goes under your natural lashes while the other one goes above, on the top. Magnets clamp together, this way they hold on to our natural lashes. Before the application, you can brush through your natural lashes to prevent the fake ones from sliding off while wearing them. Of course, for obvious reasons, the solution is only suitable for the top lashes. Is it comfortable? The opinions are divided because everything depends on one’s expectations. Magnetic lashes will be more sensible to the eye than regular falsies as we must use two stripes for one eye. However, you can get used to it and the effect is rather natural. Perhaps, lashes with multiple magnets might not be enough when it comes to the grip in the corners of the eye. However, I must admit that the idea is rather clever – the process of application is a lot quicker in comparison to when you have to use adhesive. After a few attempts, you will be able to attach them in no time. The product can be reused many times. Nevertheless, there are some significant downsides that should be mentioned.

Why are magnetic lashes  n o t  a  g o o d  solution?

1. Magnetic fixing is less reliable than glue.

2. Clamping natural lashes for a longer period of time can cause damage.

3. Removing the magnets can also harm eyelashes.

4. This option is rather expensive.

Furthermore, to use such a product, your lashes must be in a great condition: strong and healthy. The stripes must have a solid ground to be attached to. In this case, you can reinforce your eyelashes by using a high-quality strengthening serum. It might turn out that a good serum will be enough to enhance our natural lashes and increase their length and thickness. Magnetic extensions might not be necessary after all.

What else you need to know?