Argan Oil in beauty care – facts/myths 

It has already been said more than enough regarding Argan oil. However, some of the pieces of information turn out to be myths that need to be dispelled. Why? To use the oil properly and not expect something the oil is not able to deliver.

It is a fact that cold-pressed Argan oil is the source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Even though one might encounter various numbers, when it comes to particular fatty acids, one is certain that there is a majority of unsaturated omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. What does it mean for us? For instance, it indicates that the oil will be mostly suitable for medium to high porosity hair – in other words: weak and damaged. It will be explained in detail later on.

The list of most popular myths about Argan oil:

1/ Argan oil has an unpleasant scent – MYTH 

Some people claim that overnight hair oiling with Argan oil is not recommended due to the unpleasant scent of the oil. They couldn’t be more wrong. The fresh, original and slightly nutty scent of Argan oil cannot be classified as bad!

2/ Argan oil is not suitable for all hair types – MYTH 

This information probably derives from the beginnings of attempted match of the oil to various hair porosity guided by the fatty acid content. Yes, this indicates that it is suitable for medium and high porosity rather than low porous. However, it is worth remembering that it provides a great thermal protection so it can be used when styling low porosity hair as well – as long as it is accompanied by other oils dedicated to such a hair type.

3/ Argan oil does not moisturize – MYTH 

It would be a good idea to elaborate on that. Argan oil does not provide direct hydration (it does not deliver water to the hair) but it ensures proper hydration by preventing water loss. It reinforces natural hydro-lipid layer of the epidermis and ‘covers’ the hair with a protective coating that shields each strand of hair form a high temperature, sun radiation and other adverse weather conditions.

What else you need to know?