Nanolash – eyelash serum of lash growth boosting action.

Nanolash eyelash serum is a convenient product of the outstanding action targeting eyelashes. It was designed to help with improving eyelash condition; to comfort these little, short and damaged hairs of our eyelids. This beauty product contains an eyelash growth-stimulating agent and natural plant complexes. Its composition is developed with precision.


Nanolash eyelash serum is a cosmetic that combines two actions – it takes care of eyelashes and stimulates their growth. The product is recommended to deal with various problems that might concern eyelashes. What is more, the cosmetic has plenty of beneficial features as well. It works comprehensively and helps with restoring vitality and healthy look to eyelashes.


The formula of Nanolash, which was developed by experts, is based on the substance of eyelash growth stimulating action. The very substance reaches eyelash bulbs in order to make eyelashes rooted in their follicles much better.

Regular application of Nanolash eyelash serum provides not only strengthening and accelerated eyelash growth, but also noticeable density improvement and thickening. In other words, as the treatment is ongoing, one starts noticing plenty of strong and dark eyelashes appearing on the eyelids.

Nanolash delivers:

  • strengthening
  • extension
  • density improvement
  • thickening

Furthermore, these are not all the outcomes Nanolash eyelash serum delivers. It also provides action in a form of darker, more flexible, curved and glossy eyelashes.


Naturally short eyelashes
Nanolash eyelash serum was designed to help people who are unlucky enough to have short and weak eyelashes. This beauty product can be used by those who would like to improve look of their fair, light, and thin eyelashes.

Weakened eyelashes
The product deals with other problems that hound eyelashes, which are caused by, for example, harmful action of some colour cosmetics, makeup removing lotions, and poorly performed beautifying treatments. Moreover, Nanolash works fine for people whose eyelashes are distressed because of frequent eyelash extension procedures or hormone fluctuations (due to pregnancy, for example).


The eyelash serum has to be applied to eyelash root line using a thin brush. This process is similar to using an eyeliner. What is important, Nanolash is expected to be put on eyelash roots only. All that is required to do is distributing a thin line of the cosmetic starting form the inner corner of the eye heading and finishing on the outer corner.

Nanolash eyelash serum has to be applied once a day, best if the procedure is performed in the evening. It is crucial to remove make-up before applying Nanolash, especially from the eye skin area.

Additional remarks

  • impurities that gather on skin might block active substances from getting into eyelash bulbs
  • there is no need to apply more Nanolash than the recommended daily amount

Nanolash - longer eyelashesPurchase / delivery of the product

Nanolash eyelash serum can be bought on the Internet, in the official store of the brand. Each country has its own language version of a webpage where the order can be posted. The price per item gets lower if more tubes ordered at a single purchase. The eyelash serum can be bought in three basic sets: Go!Go! (1 x Nanolash), Two Steps! (2 x Nanolash), and You’re Gonna Love It! (3 x Nanolash).

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