How to take care of eyes? Four herbs for tired eyes

After several hours in the office, do you feel like there is sand that is about to fall out from under your eyelids? Are your eyes often irritated, red and surrounded by dark circles? Fatigue is a sign for decrease in energy. Our eyes suffer from it equally often. It is worth to take good care of them, because no make-up will look good, when you have water eyes.

Our eyes does not like glow lamp, which causes the tear film to dry much faster. Unfavourable impact on our eyes have also electronic devices, dry air in rooms with radiators, increasing allergens level in the Spring and many, many more. No wonder then, that our eyes are tired. With the naked eye you can see – eyes are red, tear a lot and have dark circles around.

We should take care of our eyes and find natural light for them, go on a long walks and hydrate the body. To hydrate and calm eyes, you may want to try also some healing herbs. Which one?


When talking about eyes care, you always think eyebright extract. Very often you do not even know how this plant looks like, but it connotes with healing action on eyes. That is correct. Eyebright is famous for its calming properties for eyes’ irritations and antiseptic action. Just brew two sachets with dry eyebright and, still warm, place on your eyelids. You should also consider use of cosmetics for eyes with content of eyebright, like eyelash serum.


Almost every household has chamomile, that helps with many afflictions. It can be also used for eyes care, due to indicating antiseptic and irritation calming properties, even for the irritation caused by allergy. Two sachets of chamomile brew and make compress on eyelids.


Natural ribleaf can be found on many meadows and fields. However, not many people know that ribleaf brew calms eyes irritations. To sooth tired eyes, just make a compress with it. A tea spoon of ribleaf brew, and after 15 minutes soak cotton pads in it. Place cotton pads on eyelids to feel relieved.

White nettle

Less often used in herbal medicine plant is white nettle. It also indicates positive properties for eyes area. It will calm irritations and lower puffiness. Prepare brew from one tea spoon of white nettle flowers in half of glass of hot water. This way prepared compress can be used on regular basis.

What else you need to know?

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