Don’t do it at home! Beauty tricks to be avoided.

There are some beauty tricks that you shouldn’t try at home. What is the danger? Irritated skin, falling out hair, red eyes and much more. Check what to avoid in home beauty routine and how to nourish the skin in a professional way.

How to whiten your teeth?

The cosmetic market is abounding in tooth whitening products. These are usually strips, pastes, gels and special ingredients. One of them is hydrogen peroxide. It is a very popular substance included in products that lighten tooth enamel and remove discolouration. It is also found in… peroxide solution. But it doesn’t mean that this disinfecting liquid can be used for making teeth whiter. Why? Damaged teeth, gums and enamel – guaranteed. Besides, peroxide has a quite unpleasant scent and taste.

How to fix your make-up?

Don’t use hair sprays to achieve it. The cosmetic contains drying ingredients which may irritate the skin and eyes. You can use it to fix your hairstyle only! Do you know that some girls fix their make-up with a hair spray so that they don’t need to put the make-up on the next day? They probably don’t know how much harm they do to their skin. All you need to do is use special make-up setting mists that are widely available.

How to curl your eyelashes?

Using an eyelash curler is the easiest way. Your lashes will be beautifully lifted and their new shape – long-lasting. Remember not to heat the curler up. Why? You may accidentally burn skin around the eyes, damage the lashes and irritate your eyes. It is much better idea to use an electronic curler or curling mascara. An eyelash and eyebrow serum is great as well – the effects of such a treatment are excellent and durable.

How to make your lips bigger?

You don’t have to undergo plastic surgeries to have bigger and fuller lips. You also don’t need to use strange gadgets which suck your lips in and temporarily enlarge them. Why? Such “beautifying” methods lead to broken blood vessels, bruises and swelling. And you should simply use special products or proper lips make-up.

What else you need to know?

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