Three amazing beauty and make-up tricks. You must try them out!

How to make your beauty routine or make-up easier? There are three superb tricks that you must try out. Check how to take care of hair when you run out of a dry shampoo. What to do when you can’t find your contouring brush? You will see that grey hair and roots are not so horrible.

Face powder instead of a dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an excellent invention! It makes a hairstyle more durable, absorbs excessive sebum and comes in useful when you most need it. What is more, the cosmetic lifts the roots of hair, adds volume and makes your hair bouncy. But the biggest asset of dry shampoo is providing the scalp and strands with freshness. Keep in mind that if you use it too often, it may cause dryness and irritation. Nevertheless, it’s good to have it on hand. But, what can you do when you run out of the dry shampoo and have to look beautiful? Use a powder. The one that you use to fix your make-up. Remember to use small amounts. If you use too much, your hair may look dirty – white powder resembles dandruff.

Hair highlighter?

Yes, if you want to beautify your hair in an extraordinary way, apply a highlighter. You apply the same cosmetic to your cheekbones to look better. Choose products that have a bit more liquid consistency to brighten your hair. As a consequence, the product will stay on your hair longer so the effect of brighter hair will be more durable. Pick highlighters with silver or gold flecks – match them to the colour of your hair. The result is going to be amazing.

Cover roots and first grey hair

If you had no time to colour your roots or grey hair, try out an eyebrow dye. Such a product is equipped with a brush or precise applicator. Thanks to the cosmetic, you will get an even hair colour – on condition that you will pick a proper colour of the dye. Remember not to apply too much – it would make your hair sticky and the final effect – unaesthetic.

What else you need to know?

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