Mandelic acid – features and application

Mandelic acid is extracted from bitter almonds. It’s exploited particularly in cosmetics due to lack of photosensitising compounds and pH-skin-friendly 3,41 level. What’s more, mandelic acid isn’t only very effective but also its action delivered to skin is gentle. Thanks to the very acid, your skin will become beautiful and healthy again. Check how to get such skin!

Features and action mandelic acid delivers

Did you know that mandelic acid has very strong antibacterial action? It deeply moistens, highlights discolorations, regenerates epidermis and soothes irritations. Although this preparation’s action is far from being prompt (it’s composed of rather big molecules), it’s able to penetrate even the deepest layers of skin. At the same time, any beauty treatments, where mandelic acid is used, are safe and deliver profound effects. It’s recommended for people whose skin is affected with post-acne or solar-induced discolorations as well as acne, fine lines and freckles.

Dead epidermis cells exfoliation due to mandelic acid

The best thing about the procedure of dead epidermis cells exfoliation with the use of mandelic acid is that it can be performed all year long. The preparation doesn’t contribute to photosensitization or irritations. Moreover, it can be combined with other acids, i.e. kojic, salicylic or with grapeseed extract and antioxidants. Dead skin epidermis cells exfoliation due to mandelic acid leaves skin’s condition visibly improved. The acid originated from bitter almonds has rejuvenating and regenerative action. It exfoliates and cleanses complexion as well as evens skin tone, regulates action of sebaceous glands, delivers moisture, highlights discolorations, reduces acne and makes wrinkles less visible. If you sunbath frequently, if you fight against acne, if your skin is oily or combination, or if you notice the first signs of ageing on the skin, then you should take advantage of mandelic acid face scrub. The only contraindications are: atopic dermatitis, herpes, skin cancer, fresh wounds, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How does the procedure look like?

Most beauticians offer procedures with mandelic acid of 40% concentration. Such percentage allows the acid to be both effective and well-tolerated by human skin. It neither causes irritations nor erythema even if being in long contact with skin (20-30 minutes). Once the treatment is over, you have to take proper care of skin by applying right moistening face creams. What’s worth pointing out, during a few days after the procedure, you can notice delicate skin desquamation. Mandlic acid is used in series of eight sessions repeated every three weeks.

What else you need to know?

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