Hair oiling advantages. How do oils work in hair care?

We value naturalness because we know that chemical substances are harmful to us. This is one of the reasons why hair oiling is so popular. Do you know why it is worth reaching for natural hair oils?

The dream of having beautiful and healthy hair can come true only thanks to using natural oils. All you need to do is to match the oil to the needs of your hair and use it regularly. 

What is hair oiling like? It is an easy method of hair care. A single oil or a blend of oils are to be applied to the hair, to the ends or the scalp. There are various ways of hair oiling – dry, wet, hot oil treatment, overnight, etc. Natural oils are also a great addition to other hair care products, such as masks or hair conditioners. 

Regardless of the method you choose, hair oiling will be effective anyway. Before you decide on this type of hair care, discover its biggest assets. 


Proper level of hair hydration 

One of the main tasks of hair oils is taking care of proper hair and scalp hydration level. First of all, oils penetrate the inner parts of the hair and deliver valuable substances to the roots. Secondly, they are the so-called emollients, this means that they create a natural protective coating on the hair surface which prevents water loss. As a result, hair becomes more elastic, softer and healthier. 

Strengthening hair bulbs

Natural hair care products, such as oils can be applied to the scalp (which is forbidden when it comes to most of the drugstore cosmetics), therefore, they are able to penetrate deeply, to the hair follicles and stimulate the bulbs. This way, the bulbs are nourished, regenerated, strengthened and work more effectively. This contributes to boosting hair growth and inhibiting hair loss. 

Complex hair protection 

The aforementioned protection regarded the loss of hydration. In fact, natural oils are an effective shield against many different harmful factors, not just the evaporation of valuable water. Most oils are natural UV filters that protect sensitive hair from solar radiation. They also limit the damaging effects of free radicals, toxins and high temperature, for example during styling using a straightener.

Easier styling & more beautiful hair 

We reach for natural oils mainly to improve the appearance of our hair. If used in reasonable amounts, they will not increase scalp oiliness nor will weigh the hair down. Instead, they can increase shine and resilience. Also, they are perfect at making the hair smooth, facilitate styling and improve natural curls. 


What else you need to know?