DIY: How to make lipstick into lip gloss?

At more than one occasion, it happens that the lipstick we bought or got turned out to be too stiff or awkward in use. Therefore, when its colour is truly stunning, we remain with only the regret that we cannot apply it on the lips. Unless, we make it into… lip gloss! How to do it? The recipe for lip gloss made out of lipstick is easier than you think.

Not every woman can use lipstick correctly. An immense number of women prefers lip gloss, and are more keen on using it. However, you must admit that the colour gamut for the lip gloss is poor. Lipsticks are available in truly interesting and crazy shades. Remade lipstick into the lip gloss can be a perfect option when:

  • new lipstick turned out to be too stiff;
  • an old lipstick applies worse and needs to be refreshed;
  • you cannot and do not like using lipsticks;
  • you want to have lip gloss with unusual colour.

There is absolutely no problem in remaking lipstick into convenient, fresh and entirely original lip gloss. It will not only be easier to apply, but also become more handy to take it with you. Besides, every woman can agree, that lip gloss requires less skill and time – just few strokes with the applicator, so that the colour spread nicely. With lipstick it is not that easy, because necessary may turn out to be, e.g. lip liner.

How to make lipstick into lip gloss?

The method that allows to remake lipstick into lip gloss was presented on the Instagram of Zohra blogger (@zobeautyy). She needed just a moment to change her lipstick with beautiful pink colour into convenient lip gloss. What is that she needed for the idea?

  1. A lipstick in chosen colour (no matter new or old).
  2. Foundation (not necessarily matching your skin complexion).
  3. Scissors or a knife, a syringe.
  4. A container to mix ingredients.
  5. A bottle for a new product.

The recipe for home made lip gloss:

Pulled forward lipstick cut with the scissors or a knife to the container. Crush it thoroughly. Add such amount of the foundation that will make lipstick softer and its consistency start to resemble the lip gloss. Mix both products. With the syringe press ready cosmetic into the bottle with applicator, e.g. after used up lip gloss.

Handy tricks: (1) Use highlighting foundation with shimmering particles to provide lip gloss with additional gloss. (2) Mix few colours of the lipstick to gain an original and entirely new shade.

What else you need to know?

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