Home made lip peeling – Three trusted recipes

Sensual lipstick in vibrant red colour on chapped lips. There probably is no worse thing than this. Although, equally bad looks shimmering, shiny lip gloss on overly dry lips. Do not do that to yourself and take care of right hydration of your lips. You may also consider performing subtle lip peeling.

No matter the time of year, your personal interest in lipsticks and lip glosses with vibrant colours, one thing is certain, that lip care is very important. Delicate skin of lips requires regular care, because restoration of lips with softness is not possible to achieve in one second, right before make-up.

Sadly, way too often you forget about lips care, especially if they do not cause any explicit troubles. There is this tendency in winter season to lick and bite lips, while not providing them with any protection. You usually use an excuse that you have no right lip balm. Fortunately, to make lip peeling you will not need any complicated ingredients. Just few ingredients that you have in your house and 2-3 minutes are enough.

Natural, home made lip peelings

Sugar-citrus peeling

This peeling is best for people whose lips are not chapped or cracked. Whilst, citrus can cause itching. This peeling is mostly recommended as a prophylaxis against chapped lips. You will need a tea spoon of medium grain sugar, few drops of oil and about a tea spoon of freshly squeezed lemon, grapefruit or lime juice. Mix all the ingredients and apply it right away on lips. Perform gentle massage and you’re ready.

Honey-coffee peeling

Coffee and honey are the two benign ingredients for skin. Particularly important is honey, which ensures skin hydration. It can be replaced with, e.g. coconut oil or other cosmetic butter. This lip peeling is a mix of aforementioned ingredient (about 1 tea spoon) with the same amount of brewed ground coffee after draining it. This mix apply on lips and massage for one minute. The second minute leave peeling on lips, then wash it down.

Peeling with toothbrush

This may sound silly, but it truly isn’t. For massage and lip peeling you can always use a toothbrush that you no longer need. It is no good for the use it was dedicated for, but it will perfectly work on lips. You can perform gentle massage, that will boost blood circulation in skin and remove dead skin cells. Home made treatment of this type will be more pleasurable if on toothbrush you apply first some petroleum jelly or you apply some lip balm on your lips.

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