Eyelash extensions – why is it loosing its popularity

For years, eyelash extensions were the remedy for all women who had to struggle with short, thin and weak eyelashes their whole lives. Ladies often decided to apply eyelash extensions despite the fact that wearing them is sometimes troublesome: they can damage our natural lashes! All just because long lashes are most associated with femininity.

Lash extensions – are they worth the hassle?

Applying lash extensions is a procedure that is based on attaching false lashes to the natural ones. They are fixed with a special adhesive (usually one to one, however, you can have up to 8 fake lashes attached to a single natural one). It is estimated that eyelashes must bear, on average, 80 – 120 ‘intruders’. After about 4 weeks, the falsies fallout with the natural lashes due to their natural life cycle. Therefore, the visits to the salon do not end on the first one as you must go in for touch-ups. 

Eyelash extensions enhance the looks, however, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled to prevent premature lash loss. They can’t be soaked for too long, you must be careful when using makeup removers and mascaras. Also, the way you sleep plays a significant role: your lash extensions can be left on the pillow if you squash them while sleeping. 

Long lashes without lash extensions? It is possible!

Lash extensions have reigned in beauty salons for years. Women had no alternatives to increase the length of too short lashes. Castor oil was the only means to improve their condition. In fact, it did not boost growth but regenerates lashes effectively. 

Finally, the cosmetic market welcomed an eyelash serum which was a blessing for all concerned women. It is a product that comes in a bottle of 3-5 ml capacity. It is to be applied with the help of the thin, eyeliner-like applicator attached. The serum penetrates the bulbs and stimulates them to work. This way lash growth cycle is improved. In a short period of time, lashes start growing longer and become thicker and stronger. Eyelash serum is a great remedy for all lash-related problems: it is able to inhibit lash loss and reinforces even the dormant bulbs. It is often the only resort of help for women who wish to regenerate their damaged lashes after the application of lash extensions. 

What else you need to know?