Second life of the cosmetics. Why should you make lip gloss of the lipstick?

It is not exactly certain why. Perhaps because not all girls like the texture of lipstick they bought. If you also deal with some beauty problems, change your lipstick into lip gloss. Try this simple trick.

Wrong shade, too thick consistency, or maybe failed Christmas present? You have no idea what bloggers and beauty lovers can do with such things. Also when these are lipsticks. Probably each of you happen to buy some cosmetic in the heat of the moment: because your friend has the same, because it had pretty leaf, because you haven’t had it yet. Then it turns out that this new purchase is a total bust. Luckily, there are simple methods to handle this type of beauty issues. If your lipstick is difficult to apply on lips or it has shade you do not like, change it into lip gloss! How to do it?

To make lip gloss you will need: lipstick, liquid make-up base, syringe and a bottle after an old lip gloss. If you want to gain new original shade, you can add other lipstick, which you also do not like. Crush the lipstick and mix it with liquid make-up base. Mix the two cosmetics thoroughly; the consistency should be semi liquid. Created this way product place in a syringe and then press into the bottle after an old lip gloss. Remember that the container for the cosmetic needs to be clean. To do that use water with soap or a disinfecting liquid.

It is time to try new cosmetic. With applicator apply prepared lip gloss on lips. If you want it to last longer on lips, prior to application administer some foundation or powder. For better hydration you can use cream or colourless lip balm. Before application execute sugar peeling to remove all the dead skin cells and even the surface of lips. Due to the winter being upon us, provide your lips with some gloss and perform The Snow Queen make-up. Apply colourless lip gloss with reflecting particles.

What else you need to know?

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