Perfect eyebrows in 3 simple steps? Let’s see how to achieve it

Perfect make-up is about emphasised eye shape, expressive lips and well performed contouring. The most attention is dedicated to concealing the imperfections, like skin discolourations and too wide nose. It is also extremely important to emphasise the beauty of eyes with right eye shadow, eye liner or long lashes. Unfortunately, in practice we often tend to forget what’s really important. For the eye shape responsible are also eyebrows.

Not many women can say that they have naturally beautiful eyebrows. There is always something worth fixing. It can be few redundant hair, that grow outside the contour or not very expressive appearance. It all can be corrected in everyday care and make-up. How to do it? Your eyebrows can be beautiful in just three simple steps.

Step 1. Nourish!

In everyday face care, you cannot forget about the eyebrows. There should be a lot of hair and these must be dense. You may consider taking care of them with, for example good conditioner. Such products provide hair with growth and strengthening. They can also become slightly darker. However, nourishment of the eyebrows does not need to be expensive. At home method, such as regular castor oil application is enough. This product is affordable, easily available and with great properties.

Step 2. Pluck!

Before you proceed with underlining the colour, necessary is to get rid of unwanted hair. If you have permanent brows make-up, then your beautician should take care of it. If you use henna or perform everyday eyebrows make-up, you have to do it on your own. How to do it? Best with tweezers. The shape of eyebrow is determined by the brow ridge and the eye size. The contour must match both criteria. The hair outside the arc, have to be plucked.

The perfect eyebrow starts at the inner eye corner. On this side eyebrow is definitely thicker. In approximately 2/3 length, natural eyebrow is rising slightly up. The arc can be mild or more expressive. From this point the brow starts to narrow down.

Step 3. Darken!

To intensify the colour of eyebrows, you can do it two ways. Some choose everyday make-up with an eyebrow pencil or gel. There is plenty of cosmetics on the market, dedicated for this type of treatment and eyebrow emphasise. In the last months, since expressive eyebrows became popular, there is even more such cosmetics. Unfortunately, this method requires commitment. Everyday you have to remember to fill in the deficits on the eyebrow ridge when performing make-up.

The second method is much more long lasting. We talk henna or permanent make-up. Eyebrow colouring with henna can be executed at home. Natural die for eyebrows and thin brush is all you need to precisely underline the eyebrow contour. Effects of this treatment last about 1-2 weeks. Sadly, permanent eyebrows you cannot make by yourself. For this treatment you must visit a beautician.

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