Dove Serum-in-Oil – nourishment and regeneration in one

Nourishment and intense regeneration in one. The power of oils and concentrated formula of serum. Is combination like that even possible? Oil serum for hair – Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment – proves that it is. What didn’t you know about this product?

Dove is not afraid of combining unapparent things. Hair oils have characteristic delicate and mild, but still highly effective action that is stretched in time. However, serum is expected to work immediately due to concentrated formula rich in substances with diverse properties. Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil from Advanced Hair Series is a combination of magical power of oils with the force hidden in the serum.

Serum-in-Oil Dove Regenerate Nourishment – composition

First thing to draw our attention when analysing composition of the product is the amount of oils. Dove Serum-in-Oil contains four hair oils:

– coconut oil (nourishes, protects, complements deficits on the hair surface)
– palm oil (moisturises, smoothers and provides elasticity to dry hair)
– sunflower oil (moisturises, provides gloss and strengthens weak hair)
– almond oil (supports hair structure, nourishes and strengthens fine hair)

To be true all oils are somewhere in the middle if take into consideration their amount in the product, but that is quite good result. There are hair oils that only go by this name, but have no vegetable oils in the composition whatsoever, or just trace amounts, which are smaller than the amount of fragrances. Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment is fact combining properties of coconut, palm, sunflower and sweet almond oil.

Dove Advanced Hair Series, Serum-in-Oil – how does it work?

Serum-in-Oil Dove Regenerate Nourishment works directly on the problem, i.e. weak hair. Cosmetic is dedicated for dry and damaged hair, so it most of all moisturises, regenerates, nourishes and repairs. Serum-in-Oil improves hair appearance, which gain gloss, softness and smoother. It restores health and beauty of the hair.

How is it possible? Serum is absorbed deeply in hair, strengthens them and prevents split ends at the source, i.e. hair bulb. Double power of oils and intense action of serum makes that after first use you can see the difference. Serum-in-Oil Dove Advanced Hair Series has pleasing fruity scent, however, it is a bit greasy, what can contribute to weighting hair down if used in excess amounts.

What else you need to know?