You haven’t heard of it yet! Peeling stone from Pierre de Plaisir

What is that you usually use for exfoliation? Most girls use peeling, pumice or rough skin remover. And have you ever tested peeling stone? If not, you have great opportunity to try an original product from Pierre de Plaisir.

Pierre de Plaisir has in its offer peeling stones in various sizes, colours and scents. To some of the products, manufacturer attached liquid soap. However, what does this product have in common with exfoliating stone? Well, a lot. Pierre de Plaisir products are soaked with a soap. Thanks to it, their use becomes more convenient and pleasing. What are properties of peeling stones? It perfectly removes dead skin cells, cleanses body of excess sebum, smoothers minor wrinkles, deeply moisturises and eliminates dry skin. It is perfect for massage of the entire body.

What is the method of use for peeling stones? Before use, wet the product with warm water. In a circular motion rub skin; then rinse and dry the body. Perform peeling twice or three times a week. Remember not to use the stones on irritated or damaged skin. When Pierre de Plaisir product stops foaming, fill it with liquid soap. Place it in some container and pour 10-15 ml or the cosmetic that goes with the stone. After 8 hours the stone will absorb soap and you can once more enjoy the peeling.

Peeling stones from Pierre de Plaisir are made of 100% clay. These have rough structure, so they are more gentle than pumice or coarse peeling for exfoliatioan. Small stone weights 40 g, and the bigger one 90 g. The diameter of the smaller one is 5,5 cm, and the bigger one is 7,5 cm. In the Internet shop of Pierre de Plaisir you can buy also sets made of two stones and soap. Choose your favourite colour and scent, so you can later on enjoy smooth and beautiful skin of the entire body.

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