Asian DIY skin care. Fruit, cosmetics and massages.

It’s common knowledge that Mother Nature’s gifts are the best. If you desire to look beautiful and have well-maintained hair and healthy body and face skin, try out products with natural ingredients. Also massages will give you excellent effects.

Coconut water and oil

It is said that coconut water has extraordinary conditioning and healing properties. It is available at big supermarkets, healthy food stores and drug stores. You will achieve satisfactory results if you drink it or rub in the skin. Coconut water is in form of mists and toners in many cosmetics. It tastes splendid and smells wonderful. Coconut oil will bring as amazing effects as coconut water. The oil is extracted from coconut pulp, then it is refined and used in skin and hair care. Do you know that coconut oil can replace a deodorant, toothpaste and even butter?

Essential oil in skin care

These cosmetics relax as well as warm your skin up. They are ideal for massage and baths. They contain natural ingredients, including fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. How do these products work? They possess purifying, firming and regenerating properties. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and healing treatments. They give positive effects when you use them in inhalation, baths, compresses or even aromatic fireplace. Popular essential oils are: tea tree oil, jasmine oil, lavender oil, rose oil and mint oil.

Relaxing massage

Cosmetic and essential oils perfect for body massage. These cosmetics moisturise, smooth and nourish the skin. Most SPA salons offers such treatments. Thai massage is one of them and it consists in stretching upper and lower extremities, hands, feet and neck. The massager pressures all your muscles so you can feel pain during the massage. Luckily, the discomfort eases off after a few minutes and you feel relaxed and lively.

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