Argan and cotton? Nourishing face oil from EcoBeauty

If your complexion is dehydrated, it requires a nourishing boost. Oriflame offers a great solution. EcoBeauty face oil with argan oil and cotton extract. It nourishes skin and coats it with a beautiful scent. 

One of the main features of Oriflame brand is the respect for nature and people. One of the most fragile parts of human body is the skin. Facial skin requires extra care because it is very easy to harm. Face skin is thin and susceptible to many damaging factors. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose cosmetics with mild components. Oriflame knows about it.

Argan oil and cotton extract

Combining organic oil with cotton extract is a great antioxidant therapy for skin. Thanks to those two ingredients, EcoBeauty perfectly nourishes your complexion. You must remember that argan oil contains valuable peptides build similarly to particles that our skin is made of. This is why it works so great when it comes to nourishing and protecting face. The addition of cotton extract strengthens nourishing effects and brings relief to dehydrated skin. All ingredients combined together nurture and soften skin.

EcoBeauty face oil

What characterises EcoBeauty face oil with argan oil and cotton extracts? Not only the composition is impressing but most importantly the effects. Oriflame has developed nourishing formula that provides skin with moisture and softness. The addition of vitamin E and other nutrients perfectly nurtures skin. EcoBeauty face oil from Oriflame works even better as night care. It has Ecocert and contains no parabens.

Instead of a night cream

Beautifully scented luxury for skin – argan oil and cotton extract from EcoBeauty is a great alternative for facial cream. All you need to do is to warm up a few drops in the palms of your hands (gently rubbing one against the other) and distribute it evenly over your face. Warmed up oil absorbs faster and provides skin with more nutrients.

What else you need to know?

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