Beauty Cosmetics Molly SiliSponge

There’s every indication that Beauty Blender has competition. More and more girls are using a silicone make-up sponge – Beauty Cosmetics Molly SiliSponge. Is this gadget really so revolutionary? See it for yourself.

Each of you probably knows Beauty Blender make-up sponge. The gadget excellently blends coloured cosmetics, spreads the foundation on face and comes extremely handy while putting on make-up. It has a few drawbacks, though. It is hard to clean, easily gets damaged and bacteria settle on it. Nevertheless, the shape of some Beauty Blenders makes it easier to apply cosmetics to the flares of the nose or to the corners of the lips. Many girls like it for original shapes and interesting colours. So, why is SiliSponge thought to be a better gadget?

Beauty Cosmetics Molly SiliSponge is a small, colourless and soft sponge. It looks like a silicone implant; it is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The material is extremely flexible and elastic. It is resistant to high temperatures, rubbing, breakage and tearing. It has a smooth surface which facilitates putting on make-up as well as cleaning. It lasts much longer than Beauty Blender and other make-up application accessories. What is most important, it soaks in little cosmetic in comparison with other sponges and brushes. If you notice that SiliSponge got dirty, you simply wash it with soap or make-up remover and water.

How to use Beauty Cosmetics Molly make-up sponge? Apply a small amount of foundation, highlighter or concealer to SiliSponge. You may as well apply the cosmetic to your face and then spread it and blend with other coloured cosmetics. Stamp your face with the sponge; the gadget should be clean after the application. One layer of the cosmetic is enough to cover all imperfections. After every make-up, remember to wash the sponge with water and wipe it up with a paper towel.

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