Kerastase Forme Fatale Blow-Dry Gel with gold and castor oil.

Is your hair dull, lifeless and hard to discipline? Every time when you are trying to style a hairdo it ends up in failure? Yous strands are frizzy whenever the air gets more moist?

Many hair styling products contain strong alcohol which brings harm after some time. As a result, hair becomes even drier and more unruly. Kerastase Forme Fatale Hair Gel is going to tackle this problem. It is a combination of natural ingredients including castor oil and flecks of gold with delicate protective polymers. The product has been enriched with a softening sorbite – an organic ingredient which penetrates into intercellular space and binds water, preventing water loss in hair. It moisturizes effectively and nullifies damage of the hair.

Castor oil makes hair shiny. It is well-known and popular as an ingredient of cosmetics. It takes care of good condition of hair and reduces brittleness. Castor oil leaves hair smooth and bouncy as well as conditions and disciplines it well. Included in the gel, it will allow you to create even most fancy hairstyle. Microscopic polymers will act as database – they will remember the shape that we have given our hair and will make the hairstyle last for many hours. It is worth mentioning that castor oil is one of the most “glistening” natural oils. In the cosmetic it is enhanced by flecks of gold. They will create a subtle gleam on our hair which will give our strands tridimensional effect. The flecks of gold together with castor oil will also bring the hair colour back to life – even in case of really bleached and dull hair.

Kerastase styling gel styles hair as well as provides it with beautiful look and protection. It contains vitamin E, called a vitamin of youth, which moisturizes hair and protects it from the unfavourable external factors. You will no longer worry about your hair exposed to frost, wind or burning sun.

The gel is closed in a beautiful shimmering tube. You can choose between two capacities: 125 ml and 50 ml. The smaller version is perfect for summer – it won’t take up much room in your suitcase and will fit in every woman’s bag.

The gel with castor oil should be used for hair styling – it contains castor oil therefore before the application warm it up in your hands. Set the hairstyle.

The cosmetic can be used before blow-drying to shape the hairstyle or after blow-drying to provide hair with shine.

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