Sun protection in the Autumn and Winter: Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 30

You probably didn’t realise that in the autumn and winter you should also use creams with sun filter. Even then skin requires protection against UV radiation. This is a task for Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 30.

Why should you protect skin against sun in the autumn and winter?

For a very simple reason. In spite of fact that since the October to March, sun radiation is much smaller than in the summer, this UV radiation can still be harmful to the skin. To epidermis damages are most subjected people whose skin is very sensitive and prone to irritations. Sun protection should be also used by those who in the autumn-winter season use chemical peels with AHA and BHA. Besides, in the winter, sun rays bounce off the snow and with double power fall on your face. This can lead to discolourations and wrinkles.

Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 30

This cosmetic not only protects against sun radiation. It is perfect as a make-up base and mattifying cream. It protects skin against burns and photoaging. It consists of SPF 30, that prevents UV radiation from getting to deeper skin layers and inhibits ageing processes. As a result skin is smooth and firm, has even colour. Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 30 was dermatologists tested. This is why it is recommended for people with sensitive skin. What is more, product is free of parabens and irritation triggering substances. However, in its composition are minerals and thermal water Vichy with calming, nourishing and strengthening properties.

How to use Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 30?

Apply cosmetic right before sun bathing. If you want to achieve smooth skin effect, first do the peeling. This way you will remove dead skin cells and pollution that could go in the way after application of cream. Remember to apply product on dry skin and thoroughly and evenly spread it. Repeat the treatment prior to every exposure to the Sun, but also after going out of the water or rubbing skin with towel. Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 30 can be used on the daily basis.

What else you need to know?

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