What should you know about perfume? These facts are going to surprise you

Flowers, fruit and even animal secretion – these ingredients are used in perfume production. Even the largest cosmetic companies make use of original aromas to attract the biggest number of customers. What should you know about perfume?

Who discovered that some plants or herbs produce pleasant aromas when they are burnt? Those were our ancestors. We can say that this was the time when perfume started to be trendy. The original use for fragrances was a bit different. They were used for religious and healing purposes. Then, aromatic oils were used to perfume skin and hair. Inventing the method of alcohol distillation was a breakthrough. Perfume based on rosewater is still believed to be the first perfume.

Flower petals perfume

Flower petals are used in the production of most perfume. Can you believe that five tones of petals are necessary to extract one kilo of natural essential oils? They are distributed on special frames and poured with a liquid of extracting properties. After five days, the substance is removed whereas the extract is purified. A very high temperature is needed to separate essential oils from other useless substances. Then, the stage of composing the fragrances begins. Do you know that perfumers include more or less two hundred different aromas and fragrance notes in one phial?

Musk and other animal substances

Some strange substances are also used while creating perfume. It is musk and ambergris. Musk deer (that produce first of the substances) are under protection. That is why, this fragrance is synthetically produced. Ambergris is whale vomit. After processing, this substance is excellent for extending durability of perfume. Ambergris is also synthetically produced – these huge marine mammals are under protection.

Perfume for any season

Do you know that you should match perfume to the season, occasion or your mood? Citrus, flowery and herbal notes are the best for summer. Mists and light eau de toilette are also great. Avoid perfume with alcohol – in contact with UV radiation it may cause irritation. Use warm, intense perfume in winter. Try cinnamon and orange aromas or any other scents that make you think of Christmas.

What else you need to know?

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