Body marbling – new trend in decorating the body

Shimmering tattoos on body and hair are long gone. Now the top trend is body marbling. What is this method of body decorating based on? Read the text below and perhaps you’ll love the original patterns.

Body marbling is a trend, which was popularised on music festivals. This original method for decorating the body was known in China for ages. What is it exactly? High container is filled with water, acrylic paint and special chemical compounds, i.e. surfactants. Acrylic paint is safe to skin. While, surfactants are substances that reduce the surface tension between liquids. Thanks to this compounds, paint emerges to the surface of water. By using all sorts of colours are created patterns, which are later applied on skin. If you want to try temporary body decoration, you should try body marbling.

How to perform body marbling? First remove make-up, cleanse skin of sebum and other cosmetics. Then dip your hand in the container with the solution of water with salt and slowly take it out. This way the paint floating on the water surface will stay on skin. Body marbling can be performed also on face, legs and other body parts. Remember to dry skin under the blowers placed next to the container with paint.

For body marbling are used various paint types. Great effect is provided by fluorescent or these in bright colours. They are all safe, do not cause irritations and after they dry can last one day. It can be removed with water and soap, paper towel or make-up remover.

Similar method is used for nails decoration. Nail marbling is based on pouring colourful nail polishes on the water surface. The edges of nails are protected with sticky tape or dressing to avoid tiresome removal. Nails are dipped individually in a container with water and nail polish. When the pattern dries, nail plate is covered with colourless nail polish, conditioner or top coat.

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