How does it work? Pyroracemic acid

Pyroracemic acid (also known as ketonic acid or pyruvic acid) belongs to keto acids. When combined with water, it transforms into lactic acid. It’s extracted from apples, fermented fruit and vinegar. Its pH equals 2.49 which makes it a preparation of strong exfoliating action. It’s recommended to treat the following types of skin: oily, acne and with signs of photo-ageing.

Which effects does pyroracemic acid effect deliver?

Pyroracemic acid exfoliates epidermis and penetrates deep into all skin layers. It regulates work of sebaceous glands and limits sebum production. The acid cleanses skin pores to eliminates blackheads. It highlights discolorations and replenishes water in skin. Furthermore, it stimulates collagen and elastine production. Pyroracemic acid exfoliation brings similar effects as treatments done with the use of TCA acid (Trichloroacetic acid). Right after the procedure, skin might get reddened and the phase of skin exfoliation lasts up to 10 days. While the treatment is ongoing, it’s suggested applying creams of high UV filter as well as to moisturize skin. What’s also crucial, one mustn’t shear flaking epidermis off. Last but not least, in cosmetics pyroracemic acid is used in 40% and 60% concentration.

Pyroracemic acid – indications and contraindications

Indications to the procedure are: pigmentation disorder, wrinkles, acne, excessive sebum production, rosacea, scars and discolorations. When it comes to contraindications, there are: cold sore, virus and fungal infections, allergies, psoriasis, pregnancy, breastfeeding and retinoid intake.

How does the process of pyroracemic acid exfoliation look like?

The treatment consists of three stages. Firstly, a beautician cleanses skin and makes precise make-up removal. Then, she applies the exfoliating preparation for 30 seconds. The whole procedure lasts 5 minutes. After this time, pyroracemic acid gets neutralized. If a patient experiences any sign of discomfort, and when skin is reddened, a beautician usually puts on ice or a cooling pad. The procedure of skin exfoliation has to be repeated every two or three weeks. In order to obtain satisfying effects, it is suggested undergoing six or eight individual sessions.

What else you need to know?

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