About freckles and how to remove them using homemade preparations

Can these small, dark spots on skin be a decoration of one’s face? Some people consider freckles as their asset and try to do their best to emphasise this characteristic feature of theirs. The others find freckled face as not necessarily attractive and treat their dark little dots as something that should be hidden. Particularly for the second group of people dedicate we this article. Keep reading to find out how to remove or, at least, highlight freckles.

Horseradish Tincture

Homemade horseradish tincture can successfully lighten up freckles. Although the preparation of such a mixture is very easy, it appears to be quite time-consuming. You have to grind 100g of horseradish and then combine it with a half of litre of vinegar. Before you use the tincture to remove the freckles, it has to be put aside for 3 days, stored somewhere in a cool place. Then, you have to strain it and water in the right proportions. Namely, mix 1 spoon of the tincture with 1 mug of boiled water. Freckles should be rubbed with the preparation frequently and regularly.

Lemon Juice

This is one of the easiest way to whiten freckles. All that has to be done is squeezing juice out of one fresh lemon and rubbing the face dots with it every single day. However, it has to be remembered that this method might irritate skin and make it more solar radiation-prone.

Cucumber Face Mask

What might be interesting for some readers, freckles can be also removed due to cucumber face mask. There are two ways to reduce visibility of freckles thanks to a fresh cucumber. Firstly, the vegetable can be sliced and applied to freckled face areas. Let the slices sit for 20 minutes. The second option is making a cumber face mask. Take two fresh cucumbers, mash them and mix with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Such a face mask has to sit on face approximately 15 minutes.

Parsley Infusion

The last, but not least, a well-tried homemade way to remove freckles is preparing parsley infusion. Take a parsley top and chop it. Then, put it in a bowl and cover with a glass of boiling water. Cover with a lid and infuse for 15 minutes. After that, you can the cotton pads, soak them with the infusion and apply to spots where freckles are located. Let it sit no shorter than 15 minutes.

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