Ideal shampoo? Create it yourself!

Many girls have problems with choosing shampoos and conditioners that meet the needs of their hair. If you also don’t know how to pick suitable products, you might be interested in Function of Beauty and its offer. This American company offers help in creating your own scalp and hair care products.

Function of Beauty – shampoos and conditioners

They are all natural and effective, free from parabens, artificial perfume and colourants. What is more, you can choose their colour, fragrance and properties. How is it possible? You only have to visit Function of Beauty website and do a quiz. You provide: hair type, its structure, scalp type, how the cosmetic should work, colour of the shampoo and conditioner, fragrance and size of the package. Products come in colourless bottles with atomizer or cap. They are really efficient and excellent.

What is the action of Function of Beauty shampoos and conditioners?

It depends on the ingredients and properties that you choose. The product can: moisturise, regenerate split ends, increase volume, protect colour, provide heat protection, slow down ageing processes, prevent frizz and static, define curls, smooth, add shine, control work of sebaceous glands, nourish hair bulbs and scalp. You can also pick the colour and scent of your shampoo and conditioner. Function of Beauty offers: blue, pink, orange, violet. The aromas are: cucumber and mint, grapefruit and hibiscus, sandalwood and violet and essential oils (eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, peppermint).

Surprises from Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty offers its clients a few surprises. Firstly, you can name your shampoo or conditioner the way you like. It can be your name, the name of your favourite plant or anything else. It’s up to you. Second of all, you can send the shampoo and conditioner on any day in form of a gift. The receiver is going to love it. Thirdly, shipment, return and change of formula are free of charge.

What else you need to know?

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