Eye shadow that looks like a sweater? Chanel Ombres Lamees

The characteristic elegance of Chanel clothes can also be noted in the eye shadows. Ombres Lamees eye shadow is one of such chic cosmetics. Check what is so unusual about this product and how to apply it.

When you buy the latest Chanel cosmetic, you will get a black small box with two mini brushes and Ombres Lamees eye shadow. The shadow comes in a little compact mirrored palette. But the texture of the product is the most extraordinary in the set. Its colour and appearance resembles a … sweater. The eye shadow looks like a braid which is still trendy this season. There are also classical patterns like chessboard and herringbone. All the shadows have golden, beige or brown colours.

Ombres Lamees has a soft texture, contains shimmering flecks and guarantees amazing effect. It is long-wearing. If you apply it to make-up base, it is non-flaking and non-creasing. Thanks to such shades, you can create a wonderful look that matches every occasion: work or party. How to apply Chanel Ombres Lamees? Make use of the two applicators that come with the palette. They have soft bristle so you will easily put on make-up that you like. Illuminate inner corners with golden shades. You can define the crease if you apply darker shade to the outer corners. You may as well blend all shades of Chanel eye shadows or use each of them separately. Remember to complement the make-up with a black pencil and well-coated eyelashes. Expressive eyes make a perfect match with subtle lips.

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