The Best Lash Serums – Ranking Of The Top Lash-Growth Serums

What are the best lash serums?
What lash serums do you recommend?
What is the best lash-enhancing serum?
These questions trouble many women and can often be heard in many drugstores or seen on online forums. Are you also looking for the best lash serum for the fastest and most impressive results? Check out the following ranking of the best lash serums based on reviews, performance, and effects. Find out what is the best lash serum on the market.

Lash-growth serum – what should you know?

  1. How does a lash serum work?
    Lash serum absorbs into the skin and works from the very root of the lash, nourishing the hair follicles. This strengthens the lashes from within. With regular use of the serum, they begin to grow strong, long, and beautiful. A good lash serum penetrates immediately, and you can notice the initial results after just a month.
  2. How to use a lash serum?
    Virtually every lash serum is applied the same way: it is applied just at the lash line, using a small applicator attached to the serum. It works similarly to using an eyeliner. When applying the serum, the eyelid must be clean and free of any oils and makeup. Lash serum can be applied in the morning or the evening. The best quality serums only need to be applied once a day.
  3. Lash serum or lash extensions – which is better?
    Lash extensions involve attaching synthetic hairs to your natural brows. This damages and weakens the lashes, which you can notice once the lashes start growing back after removing the extensions. Lash serum is safer as it supports lash growth, it doesn’t weaken them but strengthens them instead.
  4. How to promote lash growth following chemotherapy? Will the serum regenerate them?
    A top-quality lash serum with great ingredients can get the job done: in a short time, it can rebuild and regenerate even severely weak and damaged lashes. It also helps to quickly regrow the ones that were lost due to chemotherapy. A lash serum stimulates the roots, resulting in the growth of beautiful, healthy, and strong eyelashes. For this reason, it is a great alternative not only to lash extensions but also to false lashes.

Lash serums ranking

Wondering which lash-growth serum is the best? You’re about to find out! Check out the following ranking of the greatest lash serums. They are ranked from the best and the most popular. Keep reading and choose the best lash-growth serum for yourself.

1. Nanolash – a recommended lash serum for the best and fastest results

RESULTS: the lashes become thicker, longer, and fuller. They look ultimately conditioned and curled.
100% regeneration and protection and darker lashes.

The Nanolash lash serum has long been undeniably the best serum for lash growth. It fully deserves its top place, due to its fast action and excellent results that are unbeatable!
The Nanolash lash serum is efficient and lightweight yet it works strongly on the hair follicles. It is quickly absorbed, perfectly regenerates, and strengthens the follicles, which results in faster lash growth. Nanolash lash growth serum has a precise and short formula: the ingredients are carefully selected to deliver maximum benefits to the lashes in the shortest possible time. Nanolash is an eagerly recommended lash serum that’s paraben-free and gentle on eyelids. It contains an eyebright extract which is a rich source of copper, manganese, and magnesium.

Use it once a day, preferably in the evening, applying it on clean eyelids. The Nanolash lash-growth serum works in just 30 days, although many women say that the first beneficial changes in the appearance and condition of lashes can be noticed even after 2 weeks. This is an excellent hack for naturally beautiful, long, and thick lashes! More info here

2. Lashcode Eyelash Serum – an excellent lash serum with natural ingredients, resulting in rapid lash growth.

RESULTS: the lashes become visibly longer, more defined, thicker, and fuller; great regeneration, powerful nourishment, and strengthening of eyelashes.

The unique Lashcode Eyelash Serum features a large size and great performance. It has a one-of-a-kind, highly regarded formula, and excellent performance. Women praise it for its fast and noticeable results. It is an excellent lash-growth serum that contains natural botanical extracts (soybean and wheat germ), baicalein extract, and arginine, as well as a peptide complex that intensifies faster growth of eyelashes.

The effects are noticeable after just one month. Salon-quality looking lashes? This lash serum proves nothing is impossible: it thickens and lengthens the lashes, and also promotes their repair and regeneration.
How to use the Lashcode lash serum? Like most similar lash serums: just apply it once a day to the eyelid just at the lash line. More info here

3. Revitalash – a recommended lash serum

RESULTS: longer and darker lashes plus regeneration and nourishment.

Revitalash is a very famous lash serum: one of the first on the beauty market. It has had a lot of time to consolidate its position, which is why it deserves to rank high in your top chart of the best serums. It is quite often praised because it delivers pretty great results in a short time. This lash serum is available in three sizes, but the smallest one (1 ml) is not enough for a full treatment and will not produce the expected results. Is Revitalash the best lass serum? It is certainly decent unfortunately, it is sometimes avoided due to its high price. Regular application provides lash growth of up to 2 mm. The serum should be applied once a day, before bedtime.

4. Xlash – a good serum for lash growth

RESULTS: longer and curled eyelashes, plus protection and nourishment.

The Xlash serum is quite valued, popular, and recommended, delivering good results. The effects of using the serum can be noticed quite quickly. Regular application results in better lash growth and makes the lashes become slightly darker, bolder, and nicely curled. In addition, thanks to the serum, they regain their shine and hydration. How to use the Xlash eyelash serum? All you need is to apply the serum once a day at the lash line with a brush. The lash growth serum is relatively quickly absorbed. However, be careful not to let the serum get into your eyes – this may result in irritation.

5. Latisse – an old-school lash serum

RESULTS: longer lashes plus protection and nourishment.

Few people know that the Latisse lash serum used to be categorized as a medicine, and even today it can be bought primarily in pharmacies. It has been available on the beauty market for many years, hence its popularity. Is this lash serum as recommended today as it was many years ago? The beauty market has developed a lot of new and refined serums that target lash growth and aren’t considered medicine.
However, you can’t deny the Latisse serum delivers great effects: it is a well-known lash serum that has made a name for itself as one of the best regenerative and strengthening serums.
You’ll like it if you like maximum hygiene as you have to use a new, clean brush every day during application (the serum comes with a full set of applicators). Many users write that their lashes have strengthened thanks to Latisse bas this lash serum has great conditioning and regenerative properties. The Latisse serum takes a longer time to penetrate the eyelid skin to get into the roots of the lashes.

The strongest and fastest-acting eyelash serum – have you chosen one yet?

The beauty market is overflowing with different types of eyelash serums. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine which one is the best. That’s why the above ranking of the best eyelash serums was created. It ensures you can find the answer to the most frequently asked question on the web: which lash serum do you recommend? The ranking considered users’ reviews and feedback (coming from women who use lash growth serums daily), and beauty salon experts. This allowed us to round up the best and most popular eyelash serums. Check out which serum wins in terms of results, price, and quality. 

What else you need to know?