This lipstick rocks! Too Faced Unicorn Tears

It is blue, shimmering and gives an amazing effect. This is a new lipstick by Too Faced – Unicorn Tears. Will you like it? See if for yourself and check other La Creme collection lipsticks.

Too Faced offers 20 shades of lipsticks. There is one unique and fantastic colour among them – Unicorn Tears. The cosmetic delivers an extraordinary finish of the lips make-up because it contains shimmering flecks and it is blue. Can you believe that some bloggers use this product to create an original look? They don’t apply the lipstick to their lips but use it as a highlighter or a pigmented cosmetic. They apply it to cheekbones and temples. In this way, they create a fabulous look – perfect for a fancy dress ball.

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears Lipstick has a creamy and delicate formula. It’s easy to spread it on lips as well as remove it. It contains natural ingredients which condition the skin of lips. Plant peptides improve the production of collagen, which makes your lips firmer, smoother and better moisturised. White lotus extract provides antioxidant action, maintains proper hydration in the skin of lips and deeply nourishes and conditions. Unicorn Tears lipstick also includes jojoba oil and beeswax which protect lips from the action of weather conditions and other damaging substances.

Too Faced La Creme collection offers 20 intense and juicy shades, including red, orange, violet, pink and beige. All the cosmetics have a mild consistency and are easy to apply. They deliver an amazing effect of beautiful, smooth and colourful lips. Do you know how to properly apply this product? If you want to enjoy a long-lasting lips make-up, do an exfoliating scrub and apply a moisturiser. Wait a while until the product is absorbed. In the meantime, you can line your lips with a lip pencil of a colour similar to your lips and the lipstick. Now, apply one of Too Faced lipsticks. One layer is enough to cover the lips and create a unique look.

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